It is the policy of Dant Najd that its operations should be carried out at all times in a way to ensure that health, safety and environment of its employees and all persons likely to be affected by its operations, including sub-contractors, clients and general public are safeguarded. We carry out our operations with our utmost dedication to the protection and conservation of environment also.

The company's senior management is directly responsible for implementation of the policy.

Within Dant Najd, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is a line management responsibility for which individuals will be held accountable which leads to greater efficiency and higher standards throughout all departments within the company. It is the duty of all employees to take reasonable care of their own safety, and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

Dant Najd is committed to work within the regulations and codes of practices laid down by decrees and governmental orders and guidelines enforced at clients' premises. Dant Najd conduct regular training programs for all personnel to ensure that Dant Najd's integrated procedures and governmental regulations are known and observed. Contractors working for or on behalf of Dant Najd are required to work to the same policies and standards.

Our process, procedures, systems and continuous training ensures that our employees carry out their activities with the correct precautions and safety measures as per industry best practice but also in compliance with internationally recognized safety codes and standards. Our transparency results in potential risks being identified early and resolved quickly.